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Colmeia Coliving

An innovative way of living


Colmeia Coliving


Living in a community is an act that has accompanied human beings since ancient times. Coexistence in tribes and clans, however, was lost due to the demands of urban life, resulting in high expenses and little socialization.


As an alternative, a trend (not so new) emerges that aims to break down, in addition to walls, the crisis of lack of physical spaces and the ideals of individualization and waste. This is coliving, a movement that encourages integration, sustainability and, of course, collaboration.

At Colmeia you have the opportunity to live in a comfortable, beautiful and well-located shared house for an affordable price, you can meet people from different parts of Brazil and even other countries, you have an individual room or suite already furnished and a rental contract flexible and without bureaucracy.

Advantages of living in Colmeia

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